Conversation flow builder tool- An easy way to build chatbots

Make the developer's life easier. This was the mindset of team CreyoFace when we embarked the creation of a chatbot builder tool. On the course of development, we thought Why only developers? How about business owners, process managers? Make it as simple as possible. Finally, we envisioned a platform for a business person not only for the developers.

CreyoFace- Chatbot builder tool rolled out in 2019. Now creating a bot is as simple as that. It is a 4 step process without the help of a developer.

  1. Register or create an account with us
  2. Create the conversation flow using drag and drop feature
  3. Add FAQs and train the bot by specifying the actions and the trigger points
  4. Tweak the UI and one-click deployment

Canvas- Conversation flow builder tool: An elixir of bot development these days.

conversation flow builder for chatbot

Without any technology stack, one can realize the bot conversation flow with ease. No need to write a single code. Drag and drop widgets and create your own flow. That's it. Our conversation tool, Canvas will enable that for you. We have created a wide range of conversation widgets for you to create a bot.

drag and drop chatbots

A small walk through over the conversational widgets mentioned above

  • Send a message with & without options: Used to send a message from bot to user. We can provide some options as well for the user to click and proceed.
  • User input: Bot can operate not only guided flow, but it could also get inputs from user over chat. Then switch to relevant conversation threads in an automatic way.
  • Send image, audio, video, Gifs: Bot could handle the multimedia files with ease. User can specify the content by using this widget and the bot will handle the delivery.
  • Add Feedback: This widget will enable you to collect feedback from the user. We support NPS, thumbs-up, star rating and text-based feedback collection.
  • Add flow: Integrate the flows which you already created into the current one. It ensures the re-usability of conversation flows and it will be easier for branching.
  • Email card: Integrate email sending system. Eg: after collecting lead information, onboarding process etc.
  • Image carousel: A best possible mechanism to show results to a user in rich media format. Showcase the product image and provide the options to proceed. For eg: Product listing for e-commerce chatbots.
  • Date: It will enable the users to pick a date for demo scheduling, date of birth selection etc.
  • Decision: You can specify condition-based flow switching. A typical example is handling "If-else" condition check.
  • API: Bot will interact with any third party application through API integration.
  • Live agent: We also offer live chat escalation from the chatbot. Based on the context of the conversation or if the user ask for a live chat.
  • Goal: You can specify goals and track whether the bot is achieving it or not.
  • Logic: If you are a techie, then you can use this to integrate your logic by adding code snippets.

Let's walk through a real-world use-case. Consider a case of an owner of a small-medium e-commerce company. Would like to show how a chatbot and flow builder tool will help him.

conversation flow builder for chatbot
Time to get into details. Will go through the pain points, solution and benefit.
Business pain points:
  • Need to reduce the cart abandonment rate
  • Optimize the scaling-up process of the customer service team
  • Conventional call to action mechanism and live chat is not efficient to meet the volume
  • Realised that chatbots are the best solution. But, no developer bandwidth to develop it from scratch.
  • Conversation flow builder helped him to develop the chatbot flow without coding.
  • Automated digital agent to greet users and enable quick product checkout
  • Content management system to add FAQs and automate the answering of repeated questions
  • Deploy bots that can handle self-help operations.
  • For eg: Order tracking, order management such as cancellation, modification etc.
  • With WhatsApp bot integration, cart abandonment rate reduced by 55%
  • Overhead of the customer service team reduced by 60% to 65%

Some of the other players are stepping into flow builder tool integration. But then, we have moved one step ahead. We brought further steps of bot development into this platform.

We have developed & integrated a content management system which could deliver the following:
  • Knowledge base to add FAQs
  • NLP powered portals to train the bot for context understanding
  • Content management system to add FAQs and automate the answering of repeated questions
  • You could tweak the UI skin without touching HTML/CSS
  • One-click deployment across many channels.

Check out to know the step-by-step process to create a chatbot without coding. Our list of trusted smiling customers is increasing more and more. Let's join our list of happy customers. All you need to do is talk with CreyoBot and schedule a demo. A great offer is waiting for you.

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