How to create an AI chatbot for free without coding?

What it's all about? An overview

AI everywhere! Right now, digital transformation and automation are the buzz words. A paradigm shift had happened in customer experience (CX) and operations optimization.
You guessed it right, it is conversational UX. We could experience a surge in the AI chatbot adoption rate across various markets. Also, chatbots are getting advanced and there are more developers available. "Make revenue or save money" should be the ultimate goal of an AI chatbot.

Gartner says "By 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis."

Today, lead generation chatbots and customer service chatbots are prevalent in many industries. This may persuade you to develop a chatbot for your brand to handle customer service, lead generation, workplace automation... the list goes on.

Right now, you might have puzzled with so many questions such as:
  • How to create a chatbot without coding?
  • How to create a chatbot using python/ Dialogflow /IBM Watson/ react/ NLP?
  • Which one is better, a chatbot builder tool or a custom chatbot?
  • How to create an AI chatbot for free?
  • What chatbot development framework to use and what is the approach?

Chatbot builder tool- Develop a chatbot with zero coding.

Let us focus on how we could develop a bot using a bot builder tool. Considering our chatbot builder tool as a reference: CreyoFace. Ready? Let's start then. Develop your free chatbot with the following steps.

1. Create an account with us

register and login to our chatbot builder tool
Register and login to our chatbot builder tool. Please click here to register with us

2. Create a new bot or tweak an existing bot

Create a new chatbot or select a chatbot to tweak

3. Choose relevant conversation widgets and create the chatbot flow

drag and drop chatbots
16 default conversation builder components are available. Please check the annotated ones in the image above. There are three premium conversation widgets such as:
  • Live agent- Seamless transfer from bot to live agent
  • Logic- To add custom code snippets to enhance bot functionality
  • Goals- Used to specify the aim to achieve by the bot.

4. Create a conversation flow for chatbot

build chatbot conversation flow using drag and drop
As shown above, the user can create a conversation flow for bot using the drag and drop mechanism. Here we refered a demo chatbot developed for an online travel firm.

5. Tweak the look and feel of the chatbot

change the chatbot look and feel on your own
Tweak the design and skin of the chatbot based on your brand guidelines. For eg: header text, font family, font colour, bot logo etc. That's it. Your chatbot is ready to go. Here is the preview.

demo chatbot for online travel booking

6. Design the FAQ knowledge base

update FAQ base using chatbot builder tool
Now we need to make the bot intelligent enough to answer user queries and FAQs. As shown in the image, you can train the bot using FAQ builder.

7. Train the NLP engine to extract intents and entities

NLP engine to train the chatbots
Train the chatbot to understand the natural language. CREYO-NLU, our custom NLP engine. It will help you to train the bot for entity and intent extraction out of the conversation.

train your chatbots with out coding
Now it is easy to train the bot with out hiring an AI developer. A simple DIY approach.

8. Deploy the bot across various channels

deploy your chatbot across various channels with a single click
Deploy the chatbots across various messaging platforms like facebook messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp etc. Also, integrate the chatbots with website and mobile apps. Just copy paste the code snippet to your source code.

9. Bot Analytics

Derive insights from the chatbot conversation
Analyse your bot performance by tracking out the insights from our analytics portal. It covers the following:
  • Dashboard: Overview of bot interactions. For eg: Active hours, Active users, New users, session length, total messages etc.
  • Conversation paths: It shows the user behaviour pattern. Useful to analyse the depth of the conversation.
  • Rate of conversation: Avg. conversation per user, number of send messages and received messages etc.
  • User behaviour pattern: returning users, new users, active users etc.
  • Audience Builder: Curate an audience group based on the keyword cluster identified from the bot conversation. (In future emotion analytics will get integrated).
  • Intent tracking: Intents captured by the bot during the conversation,
  • Goal funnels and segmentation: Using our platform user can set goals for bots to achieve. From this section, users can analyse % of goal achievement.

Ready to go? Develop a chatbot on your own.

Great! you stayed tight with us. Hope this cleared the random thoughts in your mind. Also, you could have understood how easy to develop bots without coding.
Please register with us and develop a free chatbot on your own: Click here . You are not alone. Our team can support you to clear your queries.
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