How does a customer service chatbot can create delightful brand experiences?

What comes into your mind when you hear about customer service? May be a pleasant exchange with the customer support agent or a frustrating session or a brand. From surveys, we can understand the hard reality. Here is a snapshot:

Bain & Company says "80% of companies say they deliver “superior” customer service. When the same question is asked from customers, only 8% of people think these same companies are really delivering."

These days, "brand experience" matters a lot. Stats and market studies are showing that it is one of the exigent factors to drive brand loyalty. Of course, it has an upper hand to the pricing, brand awareness, and product legacy. Would like to share a couple of quick fact checks here:

importance of customer service automation
Gartner says: "More than two-thirds of marketers say their companies compete mostly on the basis of customer service."

How brands can live up to the expectation?- Customer service Automation is the key.

Buyers or prospects are always expecting a seamless customer support experience. As we discussed, nowadays it is playing a crucial part as well. From a buyer's point of view, it is not about spending money. It is all about making it worth. For that, they are expecting continuous and uninterrupted support.

In this AI era, automation plays a pivotal role in providing exceptional support services. Let's take a deep dive into it.

A snapshot of what we are going to cover below:
  • What is customer service automation?
  • Role of chatbot in customer service automation
  • Use-cases
  • Benefits
  • How to create a customer support chatbot?

Whats is Customer service automation?

It is a form of customer support without human intervention. It would be the best fit solution to answer the following:

  • Recurring straight forward questions (FAQs)
  • Status update and tracking
  • How to do steps (Process related queries)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Queries related to product catalogue

Customers are expecting to find answers within a click of a button and blink of an eye. Hence we can experience a significant rise in adoption rate. After engaging with us, our customers reduced 65% of the support team's overhead. Segments are travel agencies and various e-commerce portals.

Role of chatbot in customer service automation

What is the best fit solution for customer service automation? This is a common question that we are hearing from prospective customers. Most of them turned to customers though :)

A conversational interface, in specific a chatbot would be the best fit solution. Chatbot is an AI software that can trigger automated interaction with your customers. It can start a conversation based on an event, contextual trigger, pre-defined condition checks etc.

Chatbot can offer the following services in a seamless way:
  • Can be proactive or reactive
  • Consistent responses and immediate responses
  • An effective way to collect data and learn from it
  • Integration with different mediums like messaging platforms, live chat, social media platforms & CRMs
  • Interaction with any 3rd party software using API integration.

There are two types of chatbots- Guided flow-based and Conversational-based. A brand can choose one based on the use-cases and audience.

Guided flow chatbots:
  • It will help the customers to get the results within definite steps
  • The bot will provide options to select for different operations
  • Finally, it will guide the users to achieve their goals
  • A best-fit solution to handle self-help operations and common queries

Conversational chatbots:
  • Theses chatbots will understand the context of the conversation and guide users
  • Powered by Natural Language Processing engines
  • Best fit for enterprise solutions, lead generation process, quick product check etc.

We always prefer a combination of two for our customers. Sometimes a user will prefer to get into a particular step straight away. Then the guided flow won't be a good option.

According to the survey conducted by Audience, MyClever, Salesforce and Drift. Customers are facing some issues while using online support channels. Here is a sneak peek of the inferences:

issues with online customer support portal

Let's take the first five pain points into account. It shows the importance of chatbots and a live-interaction mechanism.
  • Sites are hard to navigate
  • Can’t get answers to simple questions
  • Basic details about a business are hard to find
  • Takes too long to find services
  • Poorly designed smartphone apps
In the use-case section, we can see how a chatbot can complement these pain points.

Customer service chatbot use-cases

Tracking & order management:

Order Management Bot

For online companies, customer support operations will juice up the running cost. About 65% to 70% of the user queries are straight forward and process-related. Self-help bots can guide users through the step-by-step process. It could handle the following operations with ease:

  • Order tracking and status
  • Order cancellation
  • Order modification
  • My orders management
  • Get invoice
  • Refund initiation etc.

Our goal-based analytics feature will enable you to track the bot performance. It will through up some of the important insights such as the number of tickets closed on its own, escalations, Drop-off rates etc.

Check company and product details:

Quick product check bot

Here the chatbot will act as a digital agent. For online or eCommerce businesses, customers can have a quick chat with the bot and place the order. It would be the best use-case to integrate with WhatsApp. No website navigation required to select a specific product in mind.

Bots could reduce the cart abandonment rate, by getting in touch with the customers through FB messenger and mobile app. It could start the conversation like " Hey the product is in the cart for a month, we have a 10% discount now".

For B2B enterprises, it could act as a digital agent to handle all the queries related to the following:

  • Queries related to services or products
  • Pricing information
  • Demo scheduling
  • Handling support tickets and walk through steps.
  • Troubleshooting steps etc.

FAQ automation:

FAQ automation bot

Clarifying the queries of a user or customers within a blink of an eye is the key. If your brand has only a live chat or email and phone line support system, customers don't like to wait till the start of your business hours to get answers. Most of them will research the brands/ solutions after their office hours. Chances of loosing their interest are high, if they have to wait till next day.

So a 24/7 x 365 touchpoint is a must to meet their needs. Conversational chatbots are very much relevant to this situation. They can learn from your FAQ base and answer by understanding the context. WhatsApp integration will give you a perfect mechanism to establish a constant touch. How, What, Why, When, Who questions can get handled without human intervention.

We are providing a content management system powered with NLP to train the bot. Also, an FAQ section to train the bot with knowledge base. The bot will learn from the unanswered questions using our semi-automated learning process.

Feedback collection and survey using chatbot:

Feedback and survey bot

Feedback collection is an elixir of customer service. Surveys and feedback will bridge the gap between the brand and customer expectation. Survey emails, forms are getting outdated day by day. Giants in advertising medium are searching for new interfaces. A chatbot will help brands to collect feedback in a non-intrusive way. Chatbot can make use of the following:

  • Net promoter score
  • Like or dislike
  • Star ratings
  • Text input and voice input based feedback

Conversational interface to conduct a survey is the new trend these days. FB messenger bot, WhatsApp bot, conversational webpages are the best platforms to integrate with. It will drive the users to give inputs rather than filling a form.

Customer onboarding:

onboarding automation bot

Chatbots can replace the tiring form filling and telephonic conversation to onboard customers. We integrate cognitive document parsing to collect information from users. No need to fill in the forms or to get in a call with the support team. A bot can collect the copy of an id card and extract information out of it. Using NLP engine's support, the bot can understand the meaning of the content as well.

For eg: Bot can get the name, address, gender and id number from an id card. By integrating facial recognition, the bot will provide verification support as well.

Complaint management Bot:

complaint management bot

AI chatbots could automate the complaint and dispute management over chat. Brands can focus on the follow-up and nurturing part rather than handling complaints. A workflow could get deployed to manage the complaints.

The bot will collect personal information, user account details, images and documents about the complaint etc. Finally, it can process the refund or product exchange. Escalation to live chat support agent can also integrate with this.

Payment due date and renewal check:
due date checker bot

You have a bunch of customers for your product. Also, the expiry date is approaching for most of them. How are you going to communicate with them?

Please don't think of a manual mode of engagement. You can leverage the broadcast feature of our chatbot to automate the reach out activity. Will be effective by integrating the bot with WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Benefits of automated customer service in brand experience POV

  • 24/7 * 365 support: Give round the clock and uninterrupted service for 365 days. Stretching your customer support beyond business hours will earn brand loyalty. A cost-effective way to retain customers.
  • Quick fact check and support: The bot could serve the users who want answers for direct questions, for process and policy related queries etc. in a quick way. Nobody would like to wait in a queue and unattended. This will aid the customer’s buying decision as well.
  • Pick from where they left: Our platform will keep the transcript of the bot-user interactions. The bot is capable enough to trace out the returned customers. It could restart the conversation by inferring from where they left. Trust and care will nurture exceptional customer service.
  • Multi-channel support: Increase your brand touchpoints by deploying the bots with multiple platforms. It will depend on your business category. Integrating bot with messaging platforms will increase exposure to customers. Integration with third-party applications will increase the scope of automation. Eg: Ticket management software, CRM, ERP etc.
  • Instant feedback collection: Feedback collection mechanism powered with analytics will enable to understand customer emotion. Emotion analytics will provide insights to improve branding strategies and deliverable's quality.
  • Target millennials: Millennials are the next big buying power. Surveys and studies are showing that they are reluctant to do phone calls. They prefer texting more. Botify your business and gain more.

Planning to create a customer service chatbot for your brand?

Before proceeding, would like to make a statement clear. All customers are not fit for automation. Some of them fall in the following categories:

  • Irate customer: Those who are using hard words and statements while chatting. Their emotional status will be anger. Any automation failure makes them angrier.
  • High touch customers: Those who have a number of queries and very much eager to have a detailed conversation. May be they will make the bot stumped. They might be on the verge of making a decision. A human touch will always be good to close the deals.
  • New customers: Applicable for SaaS, PaaS enterprises. If they are asking questions out of the "help" context, they might need detailed support.

How we can solve this? - A hybrid model

Create a chatbot with our chatbot builder tool- CreyoFace to enable the hybrid model. In which live chat transfer is possible based on the context of a conversation. Our NLP engine can be fine-tuned to understand the context as per your need.

While registering with us, you will get access to our live-agent chat portal as well. Also, your team can spectate bot-user conversation as well. If you find something is deviating, you could intervene and take control.

Please get in touch with us to create a sample bot for your brand.

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