Bot canvas

Yes, it is. We have designed canvas for you. You can create your own bot here. Design your bot’s conversation flow here. Drag and drop your desired conversation widgets here, share and confirm the flow with your team. Deploy across various channels through a single click.

Also, you can train your bot with intent and entity to understand the context of the conversation.
Don’t forget to change the user interface of your bot. It should match with your brand guidelines, right?

Widgets to create conversation flow

To create the conversation flow for your chatbot, use the following inbuilt widgets that we have developed for you:

  • Text, voice, image and video
  • User input options like button, form, attachments etc.
  • Date picker
  • Feedback collector
  • Product cart
  • AI Add-ons

In-built templates

In-built conversation templates to make your bot development process easy. Select one and tweak it as you need. You can find conversation flows for reservations and bookings, lead details collector, customer onboarding, customer support operations and the list goes on.

If you didn’t find the best fit one for your brand. Please ping us through CreyoAssist and we can develop a basic version for you. It will be easy for you to build your own flow out of it.

Create Your Face

Now it’s your own conversation assistant. Creyoface not only cover up the overhead of engaging a chatbot developer. We encourage you to design the visual aesthetics of your conversation assistant. Use your own bot avatar, a company logo etc. to give some life and make a face for your brand.

Have some colours in your hand, paint the bot as per your brand guidelines. We have some great color combination in store for you. Click and drop as you like. Come let’s play with colours and make a stunning one.

Multi channel integration

CreyoFace supports multiple platforms to integrate the bots. Those are the following:

  • Calendar integration: Google, Zoho etc.
  • Email Integration- Gmail, Zoho, Outlook etc.
  • Zapier integration
  • Integration with industry best Payment gateways- Stripe, Razorpay etc.
  • Salesforce and other CRM
  • Email integration with Zoho, Gmail and Outlook.

Start a conversation

Using CreyoFace you can notify your users with the updates regarding to offers, flash sales etc. You can set out time intervals to handle such activities. It supports message broadcasting also.

Train your bot with what is wrong and correct. For eg- When a form filling process is happening through your website, the bot can notify users in case if they are providing wrong inputs.

Train the bot on your own

CreyoFace can train your bot with a set of questions and related answers (frequently asked by customers regarding the products and services). It will also learn from the conversation.

If something comes out of scope then the bot will store that to a knowledge base for the later reference. The initial knowledge may comprise of your product catalogue and FAQ section from your website.

Natural Language understanding Engine

Your users can talk to your bot over voice and using text. Conversation can be as simple as a normal chit-chat. No need to follow a formal language. CreyoFace is powered by a Natural language understanding engine. It can understand the context and semantics of the bot-user conversation.

It will help the bot to reply back in a sensible way. Within a short span of time, CreyoFace will equip your bot to understand the emotions and analyse the sentiments of bot user conversations.

Seamless bot-to-human transfer

With CreyoFace you can build a customer support bot. Optimize your customer service expenses by deploying a bot to handle 50%-80% of customer queries. What if a user wants to talk to a human?

We have a mechanism to notify and transfer control to your customer support team. A backend platform also there to manage the bot to human transfers and make a live chat with the user. This can significantly reduce the overhead of your customer support team

Multi-factor authentication & security

Your privacy and secure business communication are valuable for us also. Bot powered by CreyoFace can handle multi-factor authentications such as the following:

  • Email validation
  • One-Time-Password with the text message and email integration
  • Facial recognition module to authenticate the user by doing biometric validation

Custom Artificial intelligence modules

CreyoFace will equip your bot with custom AI modules and make it more intelligent. We have built-in modules to handle the following operations:

  • Customer on-boarding automation by handling KYC automation- By extracting personal information out of Govt. issued ID cards
  • Facial recognition for user authentication
  • RPA solutions. For eg- Solutions to automate Back-office automation

We are not interested in making the list longer and confuse you. Share your specific requirement, we could realize it with CreyoFace.

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