Chatbot use cases: 10 ways to improve lead generation strategy

Are you asking for an email address and personal information from a website visitor for free? For a prospect, it is a one-sided sales attempt. High chances of getting low-quality leads. You have a million-dollar question to answer here. “Why should I give away my personal information for uncertain benefits?”

Days of typical call-to-actions and lead collection forms are gone. Nowadays will these forms convince you to hit the subscribe button?

subscription form

No doubt that the lead generation is a challenge. Valuable offerings will engage the visitors and convert them to leads. For that, you can use a handful of lead magnets on your website. With the emergence of conversational AI, intelligent lead magnets are the hotcake.

Conversational AI is the up-coming trend in marketing and lead generation space. They can give what the user-wants, by probing and understanding the requirements. A lead-gen bot could engage users with irresistible offers, free guides, free trials and free support/ service. Getting contact details, by sharing a give-away, makes the process more legitimate & two-sided.

In this article, we would like to share the best 10 use-cases where a chatbot can complement. It can automate many facets of lead capturing and lead generation process. Let's explore in detail.

Lead generation strategies

1. Conversational AI to enable more digital touchpoints

Chatbots can get deployed with various platforms. It will cover the following:

  • Messaging platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram etc.
  • Websites
  • Landing pages for Ads (Conversational Ads)
  • Mobile Apps
Lead generation chatbots

WhatsApp chatbot: Some of the best use-cases are Quick product/ service check. Onboarding of non-registered users. If it is a registered user, navigate them to place the order. In case of a b2b service or a product, schedule a demo/ meeting after a QnA session.

Through WhatsApp deployment, customers can reach your brand within a touch. It is the best messaging platform to get in connect with a large audience. WhatsApp Business API access is a must to deploy a chatbot in your WhatsApp business account. Don’t worry, if you didn’t have API access, we could provide you with one.

You can also leverage the user base of Telegram, by deploying a chatbot in Telegram. It is a free-of-cost approach since Telegram won’t charge for the business APIs.

Your brand will get hooked in a customer's radar. A best possible way to nurture the leads. While using WhatsApp, you should have an eye on the messages that you send. You are not supposed to spam using frequent broadcast messages. Consider it as an option for the customers to connect to your brand within a blink of an eye.

Facebook messenger chatbot will work best to broadcast messages. You could kick start a conversation and nurture leads. Messenger bot could be the best 'call to action' for Facebook Ads. It could also handle visitors with meaningful conversations. The best use-case is to engage and nurture leads using the broadcast feature. Product check /solution walkthrough, QnA sessions, promotional offers etc. are also other use-cases. It will engage and convert visitors to leads.

Website chatbot could act as a virtual sales assistant or an intelligent call-to-action. It could handle the following guided or chat-based operations:

  • Product/ services walkthrough
  • Handle user queries before escalating to a live chat
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Mobile App promotion- Drive more customers to the app market places.
  • Demo/ meeting scheduling

It could act as a virtual agent on the homepage. Intelligent call to action for blog pages. If you have a customer support team, a chatbot could reduce the team's overhead as well. It could handle FAQs and direct user queries. The conversational web-page will act as an alternative to conventional landing pages. To harvest more results for your SEM campaigns, storytelling should be crisp.

The bot will only speak to the users based on the context of the advertisement. More focus on the pain point and relevant information. It is not a one-time dump of information as the landing page do. From our experience, meaningful conversions are high, when we tried a chatbot instead of a typical webpage.

Mobile app integrated chatbots Chatbot could do the cross-selling, push in-app purchases etc. You have the full control to push in-app notification using our broadcast feature. Bots will be helpful to run referral campaigns as well. It will be also useful for customer support. By offering 24x7x365 support, it could handle how-to-do steps, FAQs, self-help operations etc.

2). 24x7x365 support as a virtual agent and brand marketing

Chatbots will ensure round the clock lead generation support. It could help your brand through the following ways:
  • Engage visitors when you are offline- Train the bot with FAQs and answers.
  • Hybrid model- A combo of Live chat and bot. The bot will answer all the direct questions and learn from experience. Seamless transfer to live chat if the user asks for a human to talk.This will also act as a fallback mechanism if the bot gets stumped.
  • You never lose a lead, when your customer support agent is busy with other customers. Optimized way to manage the queue.
  • Users can get answers or explore your offerings anytime over Facebook & WhatsApp bots.
  • Engage with the customers when they want to leave or abandon the shopping cart.
  • Educate your visitors by sharing multimedia contents, knowledge base, FAQ set, Whitepapers etc.
  • The bot could schedule a demo/call back, collect lead details as action items.

No matter what, chatbots will act as your virtual brand executive. Engage, nurture and convert the leads to deals. Take a look at the example below, how the bot could support a software company round the clock.

24x7x365 branding support

3). Quick product check for e-commerce

Best suited for e-commerce platforms. Let the visitors check out the product over chat. If they have a specific product in mind. Why you are letting them navigate through the website? Keep it simple with a chatbot. Quick product chatbots could get integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook and Websites.

Based on product availability, a chatbot could navigate the users to order placement. If the user is not registered, bot could handle the on-boarding process as well.

It is not only limited to e-commerce. For those who are selling through online can make use of this feature. For eg: Quick flight check through chat and booking. Please check below.

quick product check chatbot

4). Lead qualification

Ask brand-specific questions to the user which comes under each lead cycle stage. AI chatbots can gather the requirements and gauge the urgency.

For eg: Consider a B2B software product. If the user asks “how it works”, then the bot will analyse that he is in an exploration stage. If he/she asks “I have a set of requirements, will your product cover that?”, then there is a need and an opportunity to tap in.

For e-commerce bots, insights on visitor frequency & product checks are relevant. In accordance, we could design the bot behaviour for a specific user. Finally, the bot could share the contact details to CRM based on the lead cycle stage.

Typical lead generation forms will populate the lead details to CRM as it gathers. In contrast, chatbots could share the contact details based on the lead cycle stage. Such as whether it is an opportunity, prospect, active lead etc.

Your sales team could prioritize leads based on the labels assigned by the chatbot. Check out the example below. It shows how a chatbot helps a mobile app development company to collect leads.

lead qualification chatbot

5). Alernate solution for form filling

Forms are getting obsolete. Nowadays, everything is fast-paced. On-boarding or registration form filling is a tiring and boring process. But in a brand's perspective, it is a relevant one. For a user, that is the first digital interaction with a brand. When you visit the app store, you could see a lot of negative feedback with the onboarding process. Most of them are like time-consuming, irrelevant, delay in processing.

With a chatbot in place, you can strike a difference. Conversation based information collection will make the process more interactive and personalized. The bot could also give a heads-up on the number of questions left, need of the collected information etc.

While using forms, users cannot clarify their doubts about a particular field. They might need to know more before entering details. But using chatbots it is pretty much possible. Gamified or interactive questions are the best alternative way.

With the chatbot, you will experience a significant decrease in the ‘drop rate’. Especially during registration, feedback collection process and surveys. Here is an example of a chatbot, that helps in the on-boarding process.

onboarding chatbot

6). Feedback and Survey chatbot

This is the most critical part of the lead generation and audience building process. Survey is an important tool to conduct a market research for your product or service or platform. Feedback from users/ customers will help you to improve the product through iterations.

There are some typical form-based applications in the market. Some of them are survey monkey, survey sparrow etc. How about an intelligent way to ask questions based on the context? You will be in complete control to design the conversation flow and train it on the fly.

Based on the user inputs, chatbots can switch the flow of questions. Conversation analytics will enable you to analyse customer responses and corresponding chat transcriptions.

When compared to other platforms, multichannel deployment is possible in case of chatbots. You can use quick click elements such as star rating, thumps up & down, Net promoter score etc. You could use this in-between conversation threads.

Register with us. Grab free access to create an intelligent feedback collector and survey bot. Check out below, to get a feel of how a survey bot works.

feedback and survey chatbot

7. Educating a customer:

Competitor research is playing a big role in purchase decision. All your prospective customers are researching competitor products, substitutes and alternates. Information is everywhere. But how to structure or manage it to cater to the needs of a prospect is the key. So educating a customer is a relevant activity in lead generation. It will help a visitor in the exploration stage to make decisions.

Conversational AI would help the customers to learn in a structured way. A solution/product walkthrough will aid your user in precise learning. They will not get overwhelmed with the information. A Chatbot could guide them through various aspects and probe what they would like to know. We have developed an easy to use method to create a conversation based knowledge base.

The approach is very simple in the following ways:
  • Share a link to your web portal or FAQ page
  • You can also populate the contents by copy-pasting
  • Upload your FAQs and answers using our content management system powered by NLP
  • Train the bot using CreyoNLU to make it learn to understand the context
  • Include your multimedia contents in the conversation flow

Using the above methods, you can share information with the bot. Our NLP engine will train the bot and enable them to answer with the exact ones.

8. Chatbots to handle pricing, quotes and estimates

We saw a use-case of virtual sales assistant earlier. It will walk a user through the products and services. Think about how effective it would be if your chatbot is handling the pricing section as well. For specific products, the bot could provide fixed prices.

The bot could analyse the user requirements and provide a ball-park estimate. It will help you to qualify the leads as well by analysing the buying power of the prospects. This is a best-fit use-case if you sell services.

Your sales team can plan a winning strategy based on the user feedback on the estimate. This is how a chatbot could help a web- design agency to share a ball-park estimate. Please check below.

pricing chatbot

9. Chatbots to conduct Quizzes and contests

Create cult followership for your brand using promotional quizzes and give away competitions. It will churn-out more loyal customers for your brand.A lot of online quiz master tools available online to curate quiz questions and answers. But how good, it would be if you have everything in one hub. With a single subscription, you could create multiple threads using CreyoFace.

Our content management system will enable you to create a quiz based chatbot. Multi-channel deployment is possible. It can be your website, apps and messaging platforms to engage with users. You don’t want to spam the email inbox of your prospects. Instead, you can invite them through a chatbot integrated with the messaging platform and run the quiz. Collect their contact information and build a strong lead database.

10. Custom RPA bots + Conversational AI for Inside Sales Automation

More relevant for B2B enterprises. B2C entities can also use this to target and engage in specific market segments. Building an audience is always a head-ache. Meticulous effort of your outreach team will drive brand awareness. A most common and effective way to develop a quality audience for a B2B enterprise is LinkedIn.

Let us think of reducing the overhead of an outreach team. It is possible with an RPA bot with Conversational AI. We have developed a system to automate inside sales operations. It covers the following steps:

  • Provide the keyword, mention the job title of the prospect and industry segment, location, company size etc.- Chatbot will collect the details and filters.
  • Our custom RPA solution will extract the details from LinkedIn through organic search. Same as the way a human does.
  • Populate the list into excel and share with you.
  • Upon validation, the same details could populate to your CRM and send out the connection invites.
  • It will also extract the email address from the LinkedIn profile. Send specific emails after sending LinkedIn connections.
  • In a similar way, this system could automate the lead nurturing process as well. If you would like to know more about the system, please ask the CreyoBot below to schedule a demo.

Can we revamp your lead generation strategy using an intelligent chatbot? Within 5 days, we could deploy one for you. Let’s get in touch. Check out our CreyoBot below and share your thoughts. Love to talk more.

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