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CreyoFace is a chat-builder tool developed and owned by ElkanIO Research Labs. Team ElkanIO is a group of AI developers focused on computational linguistics and Natural Language programming with knowledge in Advanced Analytics and Machine learning.

We used to develop bots using conventional bot-development platforms like Azure, Lex and DialogFlow. We had some short-comings in implementing custom AI modules, third party enterprise app integrations, live agent escalations. Also, several customer feedback to avoid developer dependency in tweaking the bot-conversation flow. Some of them were interested in a content management system to train the bot based on a specific context.

We have launched CreyoFace in late 2019. A chatbot builder tool to create bots using drag and drop feature. It has a portal to train the chatbot for context understanding and to teach FAQs of your brand. Intent-based live agent transfer and spectate are the add-on features that we have other than automated chat. Through API Integration, the bot could interact with multiple enterprise apps and messaging platforms.

How we build your bots


We will audit the automation touch points with your team and finalize the scope with high level of process optimisation

Conversation Flow

Using bot canvas, we design the conversation flow by consulting your team to match the finalised scope

Custom CX modules

Develop custom UI/UX elements to make the bot unique and to convey the information with clarity

Iterative testing

Train the bot efficiently by addressing the scenarios in which the bot got stumped.

Final Deployment

Based on the data security concern and the scale of the scope we could decide upon on-premise deployment or cloud deployment

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